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About us

A few words about us

Meet Michos Tours, trust 50 years of experience

The history of our company in the field of passenger transport begins in 1974, when Argyrios Michos decided to follow his dream and make his love for buses and travel a profession. Self-made and versatile, he manages to multiply the buses and enlarge the transport project he undertakes.

For the next 38 years he followed this road with passion, always having as his compass the safety and the excellent service of the passengers. In 1990 the company now has 9 privately owned buses and transports 1600 people daily, mainly students. In 1997 the company acquires its own legal status as it becomes a Limited Liability Company and Argyrios Michos is appointed its manager.

In 2012 he retired leaving to his son, George Michos, a legacy of 12 buses and the experience of managing large transport projects of up to 40 routes per season. George Michos, always guided by the same founding values ​​(consistency, security, service, honesty) continues the project utilizing the accumulated experience of the company and recognizing the responsibility imposed by its history.


Our story

From its foundation until today, the whole course of Michos Tours
1974 -Establishment
Michos Tours history

Argyrios Michos with a small capital buys half a bus. He pays for it within the next three years. He is the same guide in this. Schools, factories, sporting events, excursions and baths are everywhere. In 1979 he buys the second bus and in 1981 he buys the third one in which he puts drivers.

1983 - The big project
Michos Tours 20

This year comes his big opportunity. Undertakes a contractor at the Greek-French School of Agia Paraskevi, a project of 33 itineraries that transports 1600 children daily. With hard work and dedication he achieves his goal. The buses gradually become 12 and for the next 30 years he becomes the trademark of the school.

2012 - Change of baton

The company now changes management. Argyris Michos, 67, retires and his son George takes over the reins. A graduate in Economics with a master's degree in auditing, George has worked close to his father since he was an adult and is ready to face the new challenges of the time.